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Philip Zimbardo Joins Unplugg’d

Philip Zimbardo, renowned author, speaker and psychology professor, has been added to the team at Unplugg’d. In his role as an Advisor, Philip will ensure that the strategies and planning is effective at reaching kids (especially boys) and is based on the research he’s done to ensure that we have an impact with everything we do.

About Philip: Philip Zimbardo is Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and a past president of the American Psychological Association. He was the leader of the notorious 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment – and an expert witness at Abu Ghraib. He is known for his groundbreaking TED Talk “The Demise of Guys” and his subsequent book “Man Interrupted” – the inspiration for Unplugg’d. He has also authored several other books including “The Lucifer Effect”, which explores the nature of evil; now, in his new work, he studies the nature of heroism in The Imagination Project.

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