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Nikita Coulombe Joins Unplugg’d

I am honoured to announce that Nikita Coulombe has been added to the team as an Advisor! Nikita co-authored Man Interrupted with Philip Zimbardo and is pro-communication which is one of the values I live by daily. Her experience, enthusiasm and unique perspective will be invaluable to ensuring Unplugg’d is effective at making a difference.

About: Nikita Coulombe is a writer and artist. For several years she worked closely with social psychologist Philip Zimbardo; together they co-authored Man Interrupted, which discusses how virtual reality has become more rewarding than reality for many young men. She also assisted Warren Farrell with his upcoming book The Boy Crisis, and recently started working with filmmaker Cassie Jaye, promoting the documentary, The Red Pill, about boy’s and men’s issues. After seeing how lacking sex education resources are, she teamed up with therapist Keeley Rankin and created BetterSexEd to offer objective information and candid conversations about sex, relationships, dating, and related topics. One of her goals with BetterSexEd is to help each sex develop more empathy for the other sex, and help bring men and women on more balanced footing through improved communication and understanding. She is also passionate about painting and licenses her artwork.ful.

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