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France to Ban Cell Phones in Schools Starting Fall 2018

One of the projects I’m working on that I believe is important is to have schools start setting rules about device use in classrooms, during recess and during lunch.

I’m a big believer in no personal devices during class time but I do see the benefit in a classroom using a device like a tablet or a smartboard for teaching.

Knowing how to use technology is critical in today’s society. However, there is no need for a cell phone in a classroom. And if a school doesn’t create a major rule (or preferably a district), then each classroom teacher will have to start having their own rules in place which becomes inconsistent, timely and distracting from what the real purpose is of the classroom.

I’m starting to see more schools, cities and now even countries getting on board.

This recent article talking about how France is going to have a total ban on mobile phones in schools is really exciting and I hope that other countries follow their lead.

I’m pro technology but I’m also pro conversation and pro connection. Especially with kids, we need to focus on the development of their softer skills because it’s such a crucial time. Parents need to get on board with this too in order for schools to have an easier time getting their buy in.

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