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Success Stories

When completing the form to let me know they completed the challenge, one of the questions I ask everyone is “What did you learn?” Here are some of the responses:

“I had more time to dance and do art sometimes I rush to watch TV. It was fun, sometimes TV is boring if you watch Netflix all the time. Watching Netflix sometimes, I re-watch old episodes and it is boring. I know how to do a lot of different things, I had to keep myself entertained.” Enata L.

“I learned that my phone isn’t that fun anymore I loved going outside and spending more time with my family.” Hanna N.

“I didn’t even miss my electronics. I realized that it’s more fun to not play on electronics.” Camryn N.

“Technology is good when you use it in moderation and still be active.” Megan C.

“It was harder than it sounds.” Colton D.

“I learned when I unplug I did creative activities and spent more time with my family.” Evan C.

“I remembered how fun it was to ride a bike!” Kevin Y.

“It was easy to not actually watch the youtube videos and listen to the radio instead.” Adelynne S., age 5

“I stopped myself and remind my family before actually doing it every time. Great way to practice self control and discipline. It helps my confidence.” Alana C.

“If you have the will, you can do it! Its helped strengthen my mental and physical health.” Chakarri V.

“That you can do many more things than just sit and stare at a screen. You can find new hobbies and something you are passionate about.” Kasvi M.

“My mom made a no ipad or shows Monday through Thursday rule because homework was a struggle to do if we wanted movies or iPads instead. Now we’re so used to it, some times we forget it on weekends too 🙂 Best parenting move by far so far!” Camron B.

“That ipads hurt your eyes and make you fatter but playing with friends is good for exercise.” Hayden B.

“I learned that getting a couple hours getting away from the television is not so hard , and if you try you will succeed.” Olivia M.

“That we spend too much time on screens and we have so much extra time when we are not looking on a screen.” Sophie S.

“I learnt that spending time with others is so much fun. And that I can come up with my own activities outside in the snow!” Hunter S.

“From this challenge I learned how much I can do when my face isn’t in an electronic device.” Jordyn P.

“Not going on electronics is actually not that hard when you go outside and enjoy some sunshine.” Rowyn H.

“My toys are more fun than I thought. I can find lots of things to do if I try.” Kohl G.

“I’m going to try and stop watching a lot of tv and spend more time with my family!” Meghan G.

“I’m trying to really get better in hockey and make it a reality to play in the NHL and I’m gonna spend a lot of time on making my self better I have made myself a huge training thing in my garage with my hockey skills and I got a gym membership and I’m gonna be a better person too! U motivated and I hope to motivate some kids also and idk how to do that but I will find a way! And when you said kids play 10 thousand hours of video games by age 21 that motivated me to not play video games!” Justin H.

“I learned that when you think about not watching tv or playing on your phone, it so much more fun than you’d think it would be.” Ella M.

“I learned that your life isn’t what’s on a screen it’s the outside world and u should always believe in yourself.” Josh M.

“I learned that the Internet isn’t everything. Yes, it’s a fun time-passer but there’s much better things you can be spending your time on.” Anna-Rae M.

“I learned how to have fun with out tech and that tech is the reason of me being stressed about homework.” Maya S.

“That if you are on your on you phone or tablet all the time your going to miss out on some fun things you never did for a while.” Katy M.

“I learned that it’s important to not be in front of a screen for too long and spend more time with your family.”  Ryan B.

“That you do not need a device to keep you entertained.” Gavin C.

“I learned that my phone doesn’t need to be in my hand 24/7.” Rachel S.

“I learnt that you do not need the internet to have fun!” Wania K.

“I learned that doing this stuff was really fun! Friendship and having fun with your friends and family is more fun than computer games and video games!” Derek A.

“I learned that you can so many other things, if your are not on your device.” Rebekah M.

“I usually never play on electronics because I get really bored but I stopped watching tv my mom was really happy!” Pranathi S.

“I learned that I can survive without electronics.” Spencer L.

“That you don’t need ipads, and tv to have fun! There is so much to do without electronics!” Chloe C.

“It’s fun doing different things. I met a new friend at the park.” Raili L.

“It is really more enjoyable and also actually possible to play outside with out the screens.” Zahid H.